Working Groups

Together We Will Loudoun has five working groups and our Steering Committee. These groups are how we will get things done with you, our members. Below are summaries about each group to help you decide if you’d like to roll up your sleeves and get more involved with one or more of them.

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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach group will focus on connecting to and supporting nonprofits and community initiatives in our county and state. We will partner with local charities to learn how we can best support women, families, youth, and minorities in our community. We will also reach out to local churches and faith-based organizations. We plan to participate with hands-on assistance, volunteer work, fundraising, and special projects and events. We are excited to get to work and make a positive difference in our community!

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Political Action

Our Political Action Group exists to educate Virginians on their annual voting cycle, promote voter turnout for candidates and initiatives that align with our causes, and serve as the political watchdog, working to ensure that all constituents receive fair representation within their Government.

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Policy Watch

The Policy Working Group exists to be a grassroots organized watchdog to ensure legislation, regulation, and policies are representative of all peoples.  We will work to ensure public awareness of federal, state and local legislation that may impact or impede the ability of constituents to pursue the rights, and freedoms to which they are entitled. We will build coalitions with other active groups on issues as they come up to lend our voices and our numbers to support all at risk groups and issues.

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Fundraising & Event Planning

The Fundraising Action Network exists to assist our members in generating and managing resources and coordinating events in support of our organization’s mission. We're looking for folks with event planning and fundraising experience, ready to get creative and get us some attention.

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Media & Communications

The Media / Communications group will be our voice to the community and the world at large. We will begin by creating talking points to help our members succinctly communicate the mission and passion of Together We Will Loudoun to like-minded and not so like-minded audiences. We’ll create and maintain the group’s website, media list, calendar of events, social media, storytelling and content plans and promotions, and we will help create marketing collateral and interface with the press as needed.


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