TOGETHER WE WILL Day of Action: January 20, 2017

The Goal

Simple but powerful: to move forward with positive action and message on Inauguration Day by partnering with a local charity to provide what we hope will be a substantial financial and material donation.

The Process

The consensus of the Together We Will Loudoun (TWWL) Community Outreach Working Group is to focus our Inauguration Day efforts on helping women in our community. Our Community Outreach Chair is connecting with up to three charities to determine which would be in a position to accept donations and hands-on assistance on January 20th. Once we connect with a charity, TWWL will mobilize to provide the most needed type of assistance.

Spreading Our Message of Unity and Action

If permitted by the charity, we will invite the media for our event on the 20th. If the charity would prefer not to have the media present, but are willing to allow us to promote the event, we will request an article in local papers to discuss our mission and our charitable efforts.

January 20th is Together We Will Loudoun’s launch for its Month of Action! Every month in 2017, TWW will partner with a different local nonprofit. 

Our Community Outreach Chair, Kristen Gorczyk, defined the day for us, and is now connecting with local charities to move this effort forward. If you are interested in joining this effort, please fill out the sign up form at the bottom of the page. 


Our group was formed in reaction to the events surrounding the 2016 Presidential election. We are full of energy and ideas for the coming year, and offer all Loudoun County residents a great way to connect with like-minded people to actively make a difference in our community. Please join us!

TOGETHER WE WILL support and enrich our community.

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