Coordinating the Loudoun County School Board LGBTQ Vote January 10, 2017

Together We Will Loudoun Call to Action

When: On January 10, 2017 6:00 PM Regular School Board Meeting
Where: Administration building 21000 Education Court Ashburn VA 20148
What: Asking to have LGBTQ added to protected status groups in Loudoun County School Policy

Thank you everyone for making our first call to action at the December 16th LCPSB Mtg a success. There were so many wonderful speakers and such forceful support!  

The School Board chose to push the vote on this issue back to yet a later date, citing the absence of their legal counsel. This works in our favor though, by giving us an opportunity to further our understanding, polish our statements AND make an even greater show of support for the addition of LGBTQ faculty and staff to the protected groups in Loudoun Country school policy. It is vitally important we secure the safety of our staff so Loudoun County continues to attack the best and brightest teachers and administrators. This is also a battle we need to win for the future of our students, setting a strong president now will allow us a spring board to gain full protections for our most vulnerable and marginalized youth in the not so distant future.  

To coordinate our efforts on the 10th, we ask that if you are at all comfortable speaking you sign up to do so by calling (571) 252-1020. The County will also have an email sign up closer to time and we will get it to you as soon as it is available. During the meeting on the 16th of December there was no in-person sign up. Many of the speakers were not professionals but concerned citizens simply voicing their passionate support of equality and safety in our home county for all members of our community. This was just as important and effective as the polished speakers.

We will meet in the lobby 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting at 6:00 PM. We will provide safety pins decorated with purple and gold ribbons to identify us and our stance on this issue. If you can are able, consider wearing a white or purple top so we are unified and easily identified!  

Because responses, clapping, cheering, or booing, during public comment are prohibited, a visual aid is very important.  We want to hand out small signs to wave in support of our speakers. Please let us know if you can help assemble signs and/ or safety pins during the week prior to the event. We would love help!   

We believe that failing to approve language aimed at protecting these at risk staff members from discrimination and job loss is unconscionable. We are asking you, the members of Together We Will Loudoun, to stand up for the LGBTQ members of our school community to prevent discrimination.  Thank you for taking a stand with us!